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YCP MPs Fast Cntinues on Day 4


Protesting against the injustice done towards AP for not granting SCS to the state, the indefinite hunger strike launched by the party continues.

The hunger strike was launched on Friday, after MPs tendered their resignations to the Speaker. Two senior MPs, Mekapati Raja Mohan Reddy (73) and  Varaprasad Rao (64) have been admitted in RML hospital.

However they are continuing with the fast there against advice of the medical teams.

YV Subbareddy,  Mithun Reddy &  Avinash Reddy are continuing their hunger strike at AP Bhawan.

Last night, the doctors advised  Subbareddy to get admitted and immediately end the strike, but YVS Reddy refused to do so and is continuing with his fight at AP Bhawan.


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