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Twitter War Erupts Between KTR and Lokesh


A twitter war erupted on Tuesday between KT Ramarao, TRS  working president, and Nara Lokesh, IT minister of Andhra Pradesh over the raging controversy about the alleged data theft of Andhra voters.

While KTR attacked Chandrababu Naidu @ncbn on the data theft asking  why the AP CM was so shaken by the data theft charges if he was not guilty of the crime, Lokesh sought to defend father countering KTR’s tweets in quick succession.

KTR, who  normally tweets in English, this time round chose Telugu  ostensibly for the benefit of AP Chief Minister whose English had often been heckled by KTR and his father and chief minister KCR.



Lokesh retaliated with biting sarcasm on the new found friendhip between TRS and YCP chief Jaganmohan Reddy who once were enemies.

“ఏపీ డేటా పోయింద‌ని క‌ల‌గ‌న్నారా @KTRTRS గారూ?
మా సమాచారం పోలేదని GoAP స్ప‌ష్టం చేసింది. ఓటర్ లిస్ట్ సమాచారం పబ్లిక్ డేటా అని EC ప్ర‌క‌టించింది. మ‌రి ఏపీ డేటా పోయింద‌ని క‌ల ఏమైనా వ‌చ్చిందా? ఈ ఎపిసోడ్‌లో పోయింది ఏపీ డేటా కాదు. హైద‌రాబాద్ బ్రాండ్ ఇమేజ్,అని నారా లోకేష్ జవాబిచ్చారు.


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