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TRS govt covering up irregularities in teachers’ transfers: Sravan


Hyderabad, August 28: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Chief Spokesperson Dr. Sravan Dasoju has alleged that the TRS Government was trying to hush up mass irregularities that occurred in the recent transfer of teachers and lecturers.

Addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan , Sravan alleged that corruption and irregularities have become an order of the day in TRS regime. He reminded that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao had once announced that he would not tolerate corruption and put all corrupt people in jail even if it was his son. However, he said except Dr. T. Rajaiah, who was removed from the post of Deputy CM for some alleged irregularities, no one faced any action for corruption. “Only God and KCR know what Rajaiah did. But the Chief Minister never reacted against any other person so far who was accused of corruption and irregularities,” he said. The Congress party had furnished evidences of irregularities in the transfer of lectures and teachers and also sought a probe and punishment for guilty. But as the saying goes, “Cat closes its eyes while drinking milk and thinks nobody is watching it,” irregularities have been going on in Telangana unabated.

“Fearing the exposure of all irregularities, MLC of Teachers’ Constituency and Government Chief Whip in Legislative Council Pothuri Sudhakar Reddy wrote a letter to the Chief Secretary giving clean chit to the process of teachers’ transfers. He should be ashamed of himself for describing the process as transparent many specific cases of illegal transfers have been pointed out by the Congress party and also by affected teachers. Collegiate Education Commissioner Naveen Mittal and Primary Education Commissioner Vijay Kumar did the transfers flouting the norms and MLC goes on praising the Chief Minister for such transfers. In what capacity the MLC goes on a record that no irregularities took place? How can he give a clean chit without an inquiry? Why is he attempting to hush up officials’ alleged involvement in the irregularities? It raises many suspicions as if MLC has any role in these irregularities as he is on record defending them,” Sravan said.

Sravan said it was highly regrettable that neither the Chief Minister nor Deputy CM (Education) Kadiyam Srihari even reacted to the allegations of huge irregularities in transfers of teachers and lecturers. He said the Chief Minister remained inert although he had written a detailed letter to him furnishing details of specific cases where irregularities had occurred. By not ordering an enquiry, the government is trying to shield the Commissioner of Collegiate Education Navin Mittal, Primary Education Commissioner Vijay Kumar and Education Minister Kadium Srihari who are suspected to be the kingpin of all irregularities.

While writing the letter, the TRS MLC did not give a thought to the pathetic plight of teachers and lecturers and injustices that occurred due to illegal transfers. In their bid to give clean chits to themselves, Navid Mittal or Pothuri Sudhakar Reddy did not speak about transfers in the name of ‘On Duty’ and ‘Adjustment’ that were affected after the web-counseling. Is it not illegal to conduct transfers after the end of web-counseling process? he asked.

“After I wrote the letter, Navin Mittal claimed that teachers and lecturers were transferred from the institutions which have zero students. This is completely untrue. The truth is, seats in urban colleges were increased in the name of introduction of new/scientific courses. Consequently, it reduced admissions in rural institutions. This was used as an excuse to illegally transfer the teachers in the name of ‘Adjustment’,” he said. Sravan apprehended, with this pretext, govt is trying close down rural colleges as they have closed down thousands of schools in the name rationalization.

The MLC, in his letter to you, has also admitted that GO 182 issued on 21.05.2016 for Spouse Transfers was not being implemented. He also claimed that the Chief Minister has agreed to take measures to implement the GO. This is quite shocking. Once the decision is made and accordingly, GO is issued, is it necessary to take the Chief Minister’s approval before implementing any GO? This is typical example of anarchic prevailing administration in Telangana.

Sravan demanded that more than 100 lecturer-transfers were made in the name of ‘On Duty’ and about 50 lecturer-transfers were done through ‘Adjustment’ after the web counseling should be cancelled immediately. He said that in these vacancies, equal opportunity should be given and justice should be done with all eligible lecturers by conducting Open Counseling based on their entitlement Points. He demanded that the GO 182 should be implemented on immediate basis and the spouses must be posted in the radius of 50 km. Also srava demanded that teachers transfers that were done one week before the commencement of web counseling also must be cancelled.

Sravan informed that he has written a letter to both Chief Secretary Dr. S.K. Joshi and Special Chief Secretary Ranjeev Acharya strongly condemning the efforts being made by some TRS leaders and officials to shield corrupt practices that took place in the transfer of lecturers and teachers.

The Congress leader also demanded that a high-level inquiry be ordered and corrective measures be taken to undo the injustices done to lecturers and teachers. He said the services of all Contract Teachers and Lecturers be regularized as per rules. He demanded that a White Paper be issued disclosing details of vacancies and postings in all government schools, junior and degree colleges across the Telangana State. He said the quality of education should be prevented from further deterioration by filling up all vacancies.


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