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Is PM Modi Scared of Rahul’s ‘Nyay’ Scheme


In the backdrop of a recent survey which predicted that the Congress is going to benefit hugely by the Minium Income Guarantee Scheme (NYAY), Prime Minister Modi launched a frontal attack on the scheme and the Congress.

He warned on Saturday that the Congress party’s minimum income guarantee scheme for the poor would become a burden on middle classes of the country.

The PM said the NYAY  would lead to inflation as well.

The PM was addressing BJP supporters in Odisha Saturday. He warned the people if Congress were to implement the policy it would lead to inflation.

Modi said the Congress was of the opinion that the middle-classes were selfish and should be burdened with heavy dose of taxes.

Congress president Rahul,however, had a different view on the scheme.

While interacting with college students in Pune Friday, Rahul had categorically stated that the middle-class would not be affected by NYAY and new taxes would not be levied.

Answering a querry Rahul said, ” Money won’t be taken from the middle-class and income tax won’t be raised.”

Here is the video of his interation with the students.

Prime Minister Modi’s remark on NYAY might have stemmed from the fear generated by a survey conducted by BTVI on the scheme.

Under the scheme each poor family is promised to get Rs 6000 per month as a guarantee income.

Congress announced the scheme at a time when the saffron party was facing crticism for its anti-poor and anti-farmer policies. The view that the country’s middle-classes were ignored by Modi was also widespread among  political circles.

The BTVI survey predicted a swing in favor of Congress in as many 123 Lok Sabha seats in 115 districts. The survey said the Congress is expected to gain more than three times the number of seats it won in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. While the NDA tally would see a dip to 31 from 60.


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