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Swamy Paripoornanda Externed From Hyderabad


Swamy Paripoornanda Saraswati, the activist spiritual guru of Sreepeetham, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh has been externed from Hyderabad by the Telangana government. Swamiji has been put under house arrest in view of the his proposed Dharmagraha Yatra, The yatra was planned to protest the  derogatory remarks by noted film critic Kathi Mahesh against Ramayana and Lord Rama. An influential guru, Paripoornanda planned the yatra to urge people to demand action against Mahesh. Anticipating disturbance in law and order, Hyderabad police externed Kathi Mahesh from the state capital for six months. He was sent back to his native place in Andhra Pradesh.

But many intellectuals and Left organization cried foul. They alleged that Telangana government expelled Kathi Mahesh as he is a dalit and it was a discriminatory act. With protests against the imposition of restriction on Katti’s re-entry into Hyderabad spreading like wildfire, the Telangana government appears to have realized the negative fallout dalit mobilization in the election year. Yesterday about 30 scholars, writers, activists and academics dashed off an angry letter to Telangana DGP questioning the logic in the severe action against the Kathi Mahesh. The letter unequivocally said DGP action was anti-dalit and it was taken at the behest of Hindu organization including BJP.

This letter might have forced the government to take action before it was too late on Swamy Paripoornanda who is planning to mobilize Hindu youth against Katti Mahesh.

So, the police on wee hours of Wednesday took Swamiji into custody and asked him leave the city immediately. He was reportedly shifted to Kakinada. The restriction on his re-entry into Hyderabad will be in force six months.