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Pawan to Reveal Political Color of Janasena on March 14


Power Star Pawan Kalyan is getting ready for Jana Sena Party fourth formation day bash on March 14. Some important decisions are likely to be announed on the day which are expected to reveal the true political colour of the actor turned politician. The party,which was launched on March 2014, has completed four years and entering the fifth and politically crucial year ie election year. Instead evolving into an independent voice, Pawan is now generally seen as the friend of governments in Andhra and Telangana. Its a setback for a political outfit that wants to fight for the rights and entitlements of the people.

For the first time, the party is facing elections this year, and  is forced to take a stand vis-à-vis ruling parties at the state and centre. In 2014 Pawan supported the BJP-TDP coalition and campaigned in the company of Modi of BJP and Chandrabau Naidu of TDP. Even though Janasena and Pawan’s fans claim credit for the victory, the real strength of the PSPK has not been put to test so far. What Telugu people have seen is the emotion-filled speeches of Pawan Kalyan, and his interactions with project affected farmers in Amaravati Region. The other important major event in the four-year long yatra of Janasena was his tour to Srikakulam district to study the chronic kidney problem in Udhanam region. The recent attempt to set up a gentlemen joint fact finding committee (JFC) is destined to be a failure.

But none of the tours, interactions and  speeches have revealed the true agenda of Janasena party. This is the major defciency of the Pawan’s campaign. Now, political observers are expecting a clarity on the political program of the party on March 14. The pictures shown here clearly demonstate that a lot of labour is going into the arragments of March 14 program. He is taking every care to present himself a serious political leader of Telugu states. Perfect pictures are being planned. If these pictures are not matched with a suitable political program of the party, Janasena is bound to degenerate into a FDFS brouhaha of a blockbuster movie of Pawan.

According to sources in the party a massive program is being organized at Acharya Nagarjuna University grounds in Guntur.

What is so far made clear is that the party will contest general elections in Telangana and Andhra. But what is amiss is the clarity on his political line with regard to the TRS and TDP, which are ruling parties, and the opposition parties in Telugu states.