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Dasoju demands Rs 50 Lakh ex-gratia to families of deceased


Hyderabad, October 16, 2020: AICC Spokesperson Dr Dasoju Sravan on Friday fired on the Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao for his inhuman attitude towards the flood affected citizens of Hyderabad. The senior congress leader has criticized the Telangana CM for not responding on the serious issue of floods which caused huge damage to the people of this city and demanded to announce ex-gratia of Rs 50 lakh to the family of each deceased person. He further said that the TRS government has miserably failed in handling the situation in the rain-hit Hyderabad that was completely inundated with flood water.

Dr Dasoju Sravan along with a team of congress leaders met the GHMC Commissioner, Lokesh Kumar today and staged a dharna against the government’s laziness and failure in front of the GHMC office. Greater Hyderabad Congress president Anjan Kumar Yadav, Greater Congress leaders Feroze Khan, Anil Kumar Yadav and others were present on the occasion.

While speaking to reporters after meeting the GHMC Commissioner, Dr Dasoju Sravan, AICC Spokesperson, said, “At a time when the whole city is submerged in the rain water and the people are struggling to protect themselves from the flood water due to the incessant rains, our Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, however, was busy reviewing about an irrelevant issue. He doesn’t even come out of Pragathi Bhavan to review the situation. There is no aerial survey conducted or no direct visit to the affected areas. He is only confined to the AC rooms. He doesn’t even care about the city’s citizens and their safety and security. We demand the chief minister immediately to announce the ex-gratia of Rs 50,00,000 to the aggrieved families affected due to the floods”.

“During 1930 when Hyderabad faced a similar situation due to the Musi River floods, Nizam, the ruler of the princely state reacted with a big heart by taking every measure to save the citizens of this city. However, the Neo Nizam KCR’s heart is not melting in the situation despite the city contributing about Rs 1 lakh crore to the exchequer every year. Hyderabad contributes a lion’s share to the state’s GSDP, however, the government is allocating just Rs 12,000 crore for its development which clearly shows TRS government’s priority towards the city,” Dr Dasoju Sravan pointed out.

Dr Dasoju Sravan expressed disppointment that, despite having huge manpower, equipment and other resources, GHMC which did not react promptly to the situation. He stated that GHMC did not even provide ood to the flood hit people in Hyderabad.

“While lakhs of people are severely affected due to the heavy rains, GHMC and the government are not revealing the facts and showing fake figures in case of deaths and destrution. Government should take up a comprehensive survey to assess the damage and pay compensation every family which has incurred property and other losses in floods, due to the failure of government.”

“not ven a single help line number is functioning. In this kind of a situation, whom should people complain and where should they go’, signed off Dr Dasoju Sravan, highlighting Government’s apathy and lacklustre attitude