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KCR Scared of Modi to Discuss Muslim Quota Issue


Hyderabad, Feb,20: Sri Mohammed Ali Shabbir, LOP in TSLC today said that a Congress tsunami will soon hit Telangana and demolish the TRS regime in Telangana for the good of people.
Addressing a press meet at CLP here the LOP said that TRS government has let down the people of Telangana once again as the highly publicised bills of 12% quota for Muslims and 10% for STs have been returned GOI.
He said the Congress party demanded the Clarification of KCR about the Media reports of return of 12% reservation to Muslims and 10 % reservation to STs bills passed in Assembly on 16 th April 2017 by the GOIs Department of personnel and training of Ministry of Home (DOPT). Is it true or Not questioned by LOP. What is the action plan of KCR on this issue he added Why KCR scared of MODI when he was not an NDA partner. Let KCR come out openly against centres wrongdoings to Telangana and ask his MPs to stall the parliament proceedings, If KCR want support of Congress party, then it will extend full support in the fight against Modi, he said. Is KCR who said earlier that he will stage a dharna at Jantar Mantar and go to Supreme court, silent now ?’ he quipped.
He said GOI Principal Financial Advisor Sri. Aravind Subramaniam had met KCR and said good things about state performance.” What is its use of some lofty praise when it failed to convert into more funds to the state? ‘he asked.
LOP said KCR should ask Sri Subramaniam to recommend GOI to support the schemes and declare Kaleshwaram irrigation project as national project and fulfil all the assurances given under state re organisation act with budgetary support and let him ensure that ATMs and Banks will have sufficient cash to serve the common people .
He warned TRS that let them go for Mid term poll with defection MPs and MLAs as pre final , so that KCR will know the strength, people of state is eager to make verdict against TRS, it will be a tsunami against ruling party.