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YCP’s One Million Covid Tests Claim A Racket : Chandrababu Naidu


TDP Chief N Chandrababu Naidu urged the center to take cognizance of the criminal motive behind ‘SMS Testing Racket’ by the YCP government in Andhra Pradesh.

In a tweet,  the TDP supremo said he was  is shocked to see Jagan’s government stooping to such a level to cover up their failures in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

The ‘One Million COVID tests’ narrative woven by the AP government is a scam, Naidu said.

The Former Chief Minister said the Jaganmohan Reddy’s government was cheating the people and the center with regard to the  COVID-19 test and the results. Those who had not given the sample for testing also got test results via SMS, Naidu added.



TDP’s Note on ‘bogus tests and results’

Susheela a ward health secretary from Tadipatri, Andnatpur district has revealed how the whole racket is operationalized in the state. “Poornashankar, a computer operator, called me and asked me to select and send 7 members for a COVID-19 test. We requested a few people in our area to take the test. As they refused to come forward we had to ask our fellow colleagues in the Village Secretariat to get ready for the test by 9 am the next day. My colleagues had waited until noon to receive a call from Poornashankar. To our surprise, after a couple of days a colleague of mine  B. Teja received a message on his mobile from the Petition Monitor Cell of Ananthapuram. The message said his COVID-19 test result was negative. He got the result of COVID test even though he did not give his sample for the test.”

Another person Deva Prasad said he also got a message from the government hospital which that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

“How could the hospital say I was corona positive without testing my sample,” Deva Prasad wondered.

Alleging that the government had resorted to falsifying the COVID-19 test results Naidu urged the center to get the tests and the results verified as it would have serious consequences in the future if allowed to continue unchecked.