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Indian Man Emerges Hero Amid US Protests

Amid the raging protests in the United States against the custodial killing of African American man George Floyd in Minneapolis, an Indian man emerged hero and being hailed for his courageous act of providing shelter for scores of protesters. His name is Rahul Dubey.
Rahul gave shelter to 70 protesters in his home at Swann Steet in Washington DC as the police waited outside to arrest them. A group of protesters was pinned down by the police in the area, Rahul opened doors for them. The protesters spent the whole night till the curfew ended. Rahul is a first-generation Indian, who runs a healthcare service.

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According to the AP report, the protesters were out after Washington’s 7 pm curfew and about to be arrested when Rahul Dubey waved then into his house. Police chased them as far as the entrance. Inside, pandemonium ensued as some of the screaming protesters hit by pepper spray sought relief for their eyes with milk and water. On the back patio, pitched in by handing milk over the fence. Dubey described the scene as a 10-minute pure terror.

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“They unleashed sheer hell on the peaceful protesters right outside my stoop. I don’t know, I just flung the door open. And I just kept them yelling,” come in. Get in the house, get in the house. Literally I can hear skulls being cracked,” Rahul told NPR