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Dr Mallu Ravi Deplores Demolition of Secretariat Buildings

Dr Mallu Ravi, former MP and vice president,TPCC

TPCC vice president and former Member of Parliament Dr Mallu Ravi wondered as to how the state government takes up demolition of the secretariat building at a time when the state is reeling the COVID-19 health crisis.

Reacting to the overnight demolition of the structures in the secretariat complex, Dr. Mallu said the vacant land and structures on the premises could have been converted into a temporary hospital for the corona patients.

“The leaders from all political parties except TRS party have been requesting Chief Minister KCR to make use of the present secretariat Buildings as a temporary Hospital for corona patients as is it is vacant and centrally located. But CM KCR chose to ignore it. Now he is demolishing the buildings as if it is more urgent than attending corona patients,” the former MP said in a statement.

Stating that the absolute power in the hands of a single person is disastrous, Dr Mallu Ravi surprised how the minister and MLAs had been silent on issues such that are tormenting the people of the state.

“TRS ministers and MLAs have been made dumb and mute spectators by KCR.  None of them are able to speak on public problems like corona and inflated electricity bills, etc,” he said and added that a people’s movement alone can save Telangana.

“This is the time for the re-polarisation of political parties to bring the Telangana govt back to the order and make it sensitive to the grievances of the people,” Dr. Mallu said.