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We Will Soon Saffronize Telangana : Rakesh Reddy

BJP spokesperson Rakesh Reddy addressing media

(Prashanth Reddy)

Hyderabad, May 29: BJP Yuva Morcha leader and party’s spokesperson A Rakesh Reddy today advised TRS working president KT Ramarao not to belittle the historic win of his party in Northern Telangana.

Referring to KTRs disparaging comments on BJP’s win, Rakesh Reddy said the four LS seats won by BJP was a clear indication to the shape of the things to come.

“Telangana will be saffronized soon. What BJP achieved in recently concluded LS elections was not an accident, but the result of the conscious decision taken by the people,” he said.
KCR comments made no sense, he added.

Dismissing the TRS working president’s remark that BJP was an invalid rupee, Rakesh Reddy retorted that rupee was valid everywhere in India, Telangana was no different.

Unable to reconcile himself to the setback in four important constituencies in Telangana, Rakesh alleged, KTR was trying to derive satisfaction by calling BJP’s victory as a speed breaker.
“KTR car has met with a serious accident,” he said.

Dubbing KTR as a twitter-leader, the BJP spokesperson said KTR had lost touch with ground reality in Telangana.

“BJP had learned lessons from its past mistakes. The spectacular victory with a national tally of 300 LS seats clearly showed that people had favored Modi’s leadership and the saffron wave would soon sweep Telangana as well,” he said.

Rakesh was of the opinion that the Telangana was passing through a critical financial condition due to the reckless governance of the TRS.

He termed Congress’ winning of three seats as sheer luck, and their margins were far lower compared to the huge majority cornered by BJP.


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