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Kiran Bedi’s Open Letter to Puducherrians


Here is the full text of the letter.


On completion of three years of my service here.


On 29 May 2019, I complete three years of service in Puducherry.

Time has flown, leaving memories of our work. Much of this now stands institutionalised for posterity, thanks to technology.

Each day, I woke up to the sounding bugle which accompanies the raising of our National Flag atop Raj Nivas.

It reminded me of the higher purpose of my presence. I listened to my inner voice for guidance. Instinctively planning my day, seeking out solutions for several vexed problems.

I wish to thank the Honorable Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi for reposing faith in me to serve Puducherry.

I thank the Honorable Chief Minister, Mr. Narayanasamy, and all the public representatives for drawing the maximum work out of Rajnivas for the welfare of Puducherry.

I also wish to thank Mr Ashwani Kumar, Chief Secretary and all the public officials of Puducherry administration for leading and driving the change.

I thank all the members of my team at Raj Nivas, led by OSD Thiru Theva Neethi Dhas, I.A.S. (Ret’d), for their unstinted support. Team Raj Nivas worked long hours with willingness, absolute commitment while adding their own experience and creativity to several challenges.

I thank all the Volunteers and the NGOs who worked with us tirelessly, providing their resources and valuable time.

I thank the media for keeping us abreast of all emerging public issues which helped resolve them expeditiously.

I express my gratitude to the people of Puducherry, from all sections of society and our outlying regions Karaikal, Yanam, and Mahe, for their faith and willingness to engage in our endeavors, despite my not speaking their mother tongue.

Puducherry has much in its favor. It is a communally harmonious and peaceful place. Its people are generally law abiding, barring the occasional rowdy elements and a collective failure to helmet wearing while riding two-wheelers.

The territory possesses everything that is needed for prosperity, provided all sections of society take responsibility for fulfilling their duties. Such as the political class providing authentic leadership, public officials being accessible and sensitive, and people using available resources with care and gratitude.
In this, every person counts. For it is not classes or communities, but empowered, responsible individuals that make a nation strong.

The administrative initiatives taken in the last three years and more will be hosted on an APP for institutional memory as a tribute to Puducherry forever.

I assure the people of Puducherry that I shall espouse the causes of the Union Territory before the Central Government to my maximum.

Yours truly, Kiran Bedi.


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