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KCR’s love for son, not soil, triggered ‘Third Front’ drama : Sravan


Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Chief Spokesperson Dr. Dasoju Sravan alleged that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao was enacting the drama of formation of a Third Front only to facilitate ‘crowning’ of his son K. Tarakarama Rao as the next Chief Minister.

Addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan on Wednesday, Sravan said KCR’s sudden move to launch a Federal Front had nothing to do with his plans to enter the national politics. He said KCR’s victory in 2014 elections was accidental and therefore, he is still considered a non-entity in national politics. After acting as a pawn into the hands of Prime Minister Narender Modi and BJP National President Amit Shah for the last four years, KCR has now started speaking against them. He said it was only the rising popularity of Congress president Rahul Gandhi at the national level and TPCC President Uttam Kumar Reddy in Telangana that forced KCR to think about his own political future. In order to divert people’s attention from his failures, KCR is now talking about ‘Third Front’ so that he could escape Telangana’s affairs by making his son KTR the Chief Minister. He said the entire game plan is a conspiracy hatched in connivance with BJP leadership to split anti-Modi votes in next elections.

Sravan alleged that TRS is playing dubious politics in not supporting no confidence motion against BJP in Parliament. He also said that TRS  agitation in the well of the house  of Parliament is an attempt to obstruct the discussion on no confidence motion and the same has been questioned by Mamata Banerjee in their meeting, for which KCR had no answer.

Sravan also released an open letter that he has written to the Chief Minister seeking explanation on his failures.  He said although it was not wrong to aspire for revolutionary changes at the national level, but such changes should benefit the nation. However, KCR is proposing to replace the entire Constitution drafted by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. He said in the name of Third Front, KCR wants to inject ideas that could harm the unity and integrity of entire nation. He said the ‘Third Front’ proposal was mooted at a time when nearly 95% of people belonging to SC, ST, BC, minorities and other communities have been demanding their share in power and resources in proportionate to their population. Under the garb of a new front, KCR wants to suppress the voice of those seeking social justice, he said.

The Congress leader asked KCR to explain his definition of “change”. He alleged that KCR has cheated all sections of the society in Telangana through his false promises and fake claims. Does he want to replicate the same model at the national level through his proposed ‘Federal Font’? he asked.

Sravan also alleged that KCR’s was enacting a new drama of having enmity with PM Modi. “KCR has been an ardent supporter of Modi Government since beginning. He was the first Chief Minister to support demonitisation. He backed BJP Govt in implementation of GST. He supported BJP candidates in Presidential and Vice Presidential elections. KCR was an undeclared ally of BJP Government till a few days ago. Before launching his new front, KCR must explain to the people the ‘secret pact’ which he had with PM Modi and what led him to break the pact,” he said.





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