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Cambridge Analytica Shuts Shop After Data Theft Charges


British data firm Cambridge Analytica has closed down its operations following all round criticism following complaints of data theft.

CA is charged with data theft of social media users to help political parties. The company abused the data to influence the voters around the world. According to a report in Wall Street Journal the CA had decided to close its doors because of it was losing clients and facing mounting legal expenditure in the facebook investigation.

The CA has shut down effective Wednesday and employees have been told to stop their work.The CA is said to have stolen the data from Facebook which later banned the company from its platform. The scandal forced Mark Zuckerberg to depose before a US Congressional committee last month in the face of data breach from facebook.

As for India, both BJP and Congress traded charges of having sought the help of the tainted Cambridge Analytica.
Nigel Oakes, the founder of SCL Group, an affiliate of CA, confirmed that both companies were closed down, reported WSJ.


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