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After West Bengal, Telangana is BJP’s Next Target : BJP Laxman


(Prashanth Reddy)

Hyderabad, May 20: BJP senior leader and state unit president Dr.K.Laxman said the Bengal situation was all set to be replicated in Telangana as well.

Addressing media at BJP headquarters Monday Laxman said fearing BJP’s growing influence in the state MLAs of all opposition parties were rushing for shelter under TRS.

Stating that Telangana would shortly become Bengal of South, he said people would put an end to the dictatorial, dynastic and corrupt government in the state, and the BJP cadre at the grassroots level would be in the forefront in heralding this transformation.

“There is no democracy in Telangana. The Telangana government is resorting to arrests to suppress the voice of protest. People are eagerly waiting for an opportunity to topple the government in Telangana,” he added.

The BJP leader asserted that a lot of changes were in store for Telangana after May 23.

” Telangana is all set to have a state of the two-party system, TRS and BJP. Congress has no option but to dissolve in Congress or disintegrate,” he said.

Mocking at KCR’s proposed federal front he wondered as to how KCR mulls of extending support to Congress while talking about a federal front.

” Today after the exit polls, KCR left for jungle in the name of inspecting Kaleswaram project,” he said.

He also said the day was not far off when two Telangu states would be freed from Chandragrahanam (Lunar eclipse) and the BJP would turn its gaze on Telangana once the Karnataka mission is over.

Terming the contest between TRS and BJP in Telangana neck to neck, Dr. Laxman expressed confidence that all Hindus of the state stood by the BJP and help the party win with thumping majority.

India, he said, the country was inching towards Rama Rajyam again under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

“The entire opposition is in the grip of Modiphobia. The UPA and Mahaghatbandhan have failed to show any impact on the BJP led coalition.

Even the Trinamool Congress could not stop BJP coming to power despite the violence in West Bengal the ruling instigated. political scenario in West Bengal and Telangana was fast changing,” Laxman said.



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