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60% of Modi’s Twitter Followers Are Fake :Study


About 60 % of Prime Minister Narendra Modi twitter followers are fake, said twitteraudit.com. Twitteraudit.com is a website that keeps watch on the analytics of world celebrities.


The site has come up with a survey of twitter followers of some of the world leaders. The galaxy of world leaders scrutinized by twitteraudit.com include, besides Modi,US President Donald Trump, Pope Francis, Saudi King Salman, Kim Kardashina. According to the survey 47.9 million followers of Donald Trump twitter handle, 37 percent are fake followers. As for India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he has a total of 40.3  million followers.However,60 percent followers of Modi’s twitter handle @narendramodi are fake, said the report.The graphics of the report are prepared by Alex Kliment.

Almost every leader has his/her share of fake follower: Pope Francis has about 59 per cent fake followers while the share of fake followers for Mexico President, who has 7.08 million followers, is 47 %. Saudi @kingsalman with 6.78 % fake followers is better.

Surprisingly, Kim Kardashian, most popular US TV personality, has  44% fake followers.


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