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Security Cover of TRS Ex-Ministers Withdrawn


Triggering intense speculation, the  Telangana government has withdrawn the special security of two ex-ministers in Adilabad district.

As this has happened at a time when chief minister K Chandrarasekhar Rao is expected to expand the cabinet next week, it is seen as a clear indication that the ex-ministers Jogu Ramanna and A Indrakaran Reddy are unlikely to be accommodated in the new cabinet.

The special security of five armed policemen with a pilot vehicle with an equal number of armed policemen which a minister is entitled to is generally seen by public as the symbol of power.

Muth to the chagrin of ministers’ followers, with the security also gone the grandeur associated with power.

The sudden withdrawal of special security has come as a rude shock to the followers of the ministers. It is learnt the ministers stopped moving around without security cover armed guards.

Local police said the decision to withdraw the security has nothing to do with the cabinet expansion, and the  two former Adilababd district ministers are not singled out for removal of security cover. ” Security cover of all ex-cabinet ministers is withdrawn across the state,” said a source in district police administration.

Indrakaran Reddy has got elected to Assembly in the recently held election from Nirmal constituency while Jogu Ramanna from Adilabad. The grapevine,however, has it that the CM is not happy with the performance of Ramanna and Reddy as ministers in the previous cabinet and this is his way of dropping hints at the shape of the things to come.