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Kimbho App is a joke: A twitter story


Ramdev’s trade organization Patanjali has removed its much-hyped Kimbho messaging chat application from Google Play Store on Thursday. The app was released ostensible to counter the ubiquitous Whatsapp. There was suspicion in a section that given Ramdev’s closer links with BJP this conduit to gain access to the users data on the lines Cambridge Analytica did to influence the elections in many countries. The Patanjali app is short-lived.

Reason: It is a security disaster. The app went off the Play store hours after Elliot Alderson, a French cyber security expert, called it a joke. He said the app has serious security lapses  that have the potential to compromise the users data as happened in the case of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal. He said he could access the data of all users of Kimbho.
Around the same time another expert revealed that Kimbho is not original and it is a copy of another app called BOLO.

Shocked at the expose the Patanjali immediately removed the app from the Google Play Store with hilarious explanation.