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KCR Should Learn from Jagan’s New Initiatives : Jeevan Reddy


(Prashanth Reddy)

Telangana Congress MLA T Jeevan Reddy accused  Telangana chief minister KCR of giving short shrift to education in the state, leave alone the fulfillment of the promises he had made in the 2014 election manifesto.

In an informal chat with media, Reddy said KCR would be remembered by people as chief minister of broken promises.

He said the education sector in the state had suffered irreparably in the past five years.

“The chief minister has broken all the promises he made in the 2014 election manifesto. What is the status of KG to PG free education? What is the status of teachers’ recruitment? Now, 2019-20 academic is commencing amid all the problems and lack of adequate teachers,” he said.

As many as 20,000 teaching posts are vacant in the state, he added. The T-Congress veteran rubbished the statement of education minister that there were more teachers in Telangana schools than the students.

Jeevan Reddy was all praise of Andhra Pradesh chief minister Jaganmohan Reddy for his new initiatives to improve the standards of government schools across the state.

“Jagan is following in his father’s footsteps. He is giving top priority to address the people’s problems he himself saw during his marathon Padayatra like his father YSR did. He is relaunching YSR’s Ammavodi program. KCR should not hesitate to get inspiration from his Andhra counterpart,” he said.

Referring to DSC, the Congress MLC  recalled how the  Andhra completed two rounds of DSC while the KCR government had not been able to finish the process of even one round of DSC.