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US Corona Crisis : 213 Mayors Cry for Federal Assistance

Coronavirus (Photo Credits Wikimedia Commons)
The number of coronavirus positive cases crossed 101,000 in the US on Friday as the infection quickly spread to new areas in the country. So far,1700 patients have died in the US.
Now, the US has become the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, overtaking China and Italy, compared with the speed with which the coronavirus is spreading.
The virus has hit New York and Washington hard and a new wave of virus hotspots is already engulfing the nation.
According to CNN, the virus is rapidly spreading in Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans and the officials are crying for assistance.
Meanwhile, mayors of 213 cities across the US have said they do not have adequate equipment and supplies amid the Covid-19 outbreak.
The United States Conference of Mayors has conducted a “very brief and rapid-turnaround” survey of cities to know the requirements to meet the challenge. The findings of the survey have been “communicated to House and Senate leaders the importance of prioritizing the needs of cities as the crisis was unfolding”.
In a statement the Mayors’ Conference said, “With the virus expanding rapidly in cities across the country, protecting public health and public safety are the most immediate and the highest priorities driving the Conference of Mayors requests for direct federal assistance.
“It is abundantly clear that the shortage of essential items such as face masks, test kits, personal protective equipment, ventilators and other items needed by health and safety personnel have reached crisis proportions in cities across the country. The result is that the safety of city residents and the health workers and first responders protecting them is being seriously compromised.”