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Sridevi Case Closed in Dubai


Much to the disappointment of an enthusiastic media, which wanted to discover something fishy, Dubai police have closed the case related to the death of India’s movie icon Sridevi. Sridevi, according to the post-mortem report died of accidental death when she fell into the bath tub in  a Dubai Hotel. Neither husband nor daughter Khusi were present when the tragedy struck.  It took two and half days for Dubai authorities to give clearance to the   police to hand over the mortal remains of the actress. Finally, the embalmed body reached Mumbai at around 9.30 last night and funeral is scheduled to take place after 3.30 pm Wednesday.

Sridevi’s  body will be kept at Celebration Club, which is just few meters away from Green Acres Complex where she lived, from 9.30am this morning to 12.30 pm in order for public and fans to pay their homage to the departed actress.

The funeral procession starts from Celebration Club to Vile Parle Seva Samaj Cremetorium. The final rites are expected around 3.30pm.

A lot of drama, which was responsible for the media going ga ga about the cause of the death, took place before handing over the body to the family members yesterday evening. Following a post-mortem report which said the death was caused by accidental drowning the bath tub, Dubai Police questioned husband Boney Kapoor. They also visited the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, the hotel where Sridevi was found dead Saturday night. The room was sealed and the CCTV footage was also collected by the police. The staff of the hotel was also questioned. In the meantime, many theories had been put forth as the possible reasons of death which includes a theory of murder.