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Revoke govt orders allotting lands to Jindal Aluminium : Dr EAS Sarma

(Dr EAS Sarma)
The AP State govt had, vide GOMs No 892 dated 28-6-2007, 178 (Rev) dated 18-2-2008 etc. allotted valuable lands to Jindal Aluminium company for setting up an Alumina Refinery based on bauxite to be extracted from Araku hills in Paderu Sub-Division in Visakhapatnam District.
The company has failed to set up the Alumina Refinery for which the lands were allotted despite a lapse of more than ten years. Moreover, the bauxite mining leases given to the company have also been revoked. As such, the government should have simultaneously revoked the land allotment orders and restored the lands to the original cultivators.
As evident from the village records (extracts enclosed), about 1062 acres were allotted to the company as per the following details.
Village Extent (Acres)
Cheedipalem 148.84
Chinakhandepalli 74.65
Kilthampalem 418.68
M B Vara 398.51
Mushidipalli 21.51
Total 1062.19
At the time of acquisition of private lands for the company, I understand that serious irregularities were committed and the land compensation never reached the persons who were tilling the lands. I wonder whether the government had got this investigated.
There were many D-Patta land assignees whose lands were forcibly taken away and handed over to the private company.
Since the company committed a serious breach of trust by retaining such a large tract of valuable land without setting up the plant, the government ought to have revoked the land allotment long ago and restored the same to the genuine tillers of the lands who had lost their livelihoods. I am surprised that the District Collector has chosen to remain silent and allowed the land to continue in the possession of the company. I am not sure whether the company had mortgaged the land and raised loans from the financial institutions. I am also not sure whether the loan amounts thus taken have been syphoned off. If the govt is blissfully unaware of the status of these lands, it reflects not only its incompetence but also its complicity in the scam.
I further understand that the company is trying to remove the trees standing on the land, violating the Central and State laws relating to conservation of the environment including WALTA.
Against this background, I request the state government to
1.Order status quo on the land and the tree growth over it
2.In case the company has mortgaged the lands to the financial institutions, issue notices to the latter that the govt would be taking over the lands and that the financial institutions should proceed against the company for not utilising the loan amounts for the purpose for which they were intended
3.Take immediate action to revoke all the land allotment orders and resume occupation of the lands
4.Identify the marginal land holders including the D-Patta land holders and hand over the land back to them
5.Order an investigation into possible connivance of the officers for acts of commission and omission and for not taking timely action for resumption of the lands into govt possession
6.Impose a deterrent penalty on the company for the breach of trust
(Contents of the letter written by Dr EAS Sarma,former GOI Secretary, to  Usha Rani, Secretary (Revenue),Govt of AP)