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Marshals Called in, TDP Walked Out of AP Assembly


Unruly scenes were witnessed in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly on Wednesday where members so of the Opposition created an uproar in the well of the House, forcing the speaker to call in marshals to push them out.

On the other side, AP Legislative Council adjourned for 15 minutes following stalemate over the debate on the Decentralization bill. Opposition TDP members demanded resumption of the telecast of proceedings of the House. They said they won’t allow the house to take up the business until the live telecast resumed.

In Assembly, TDP MLAs rushed into the well of the House shouted slogans demanding the continuation of Amaravati as the capital of Andhra Pradesh.No sooner had the CM entered the house  TDP members  started shouting, “CM goes to Court every Friday”

Speaker Tammineni  Sitaram instructed the marshals to take them out of the Assembly.  Chief minister Jaganmohan Reddy said TDP members, by rushing into the well and shouting slogans, were inciting members of the ruling party to retaliate. He urged the speaker to call the marshal in to see that TDP members did not cross the line at the podium. Jagan said the  TDP members, who are not even 10, were behaving like rowdies and street rowdies were better that these MLAs.

Angered at the behavior of Opposition members, the Speaker warned that they should behave as if they are in Assembly not home. Then he instructed marshals to take a position in the house and prevent the members from entering the well.  Protesting the speaker’s attitude, TDP members walked out of the House.