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Italian Firm Claims Breakthrough in Developing Coronavirus Vaccine

(Image credits: wikimedia commons)

Italian pharmaceutical firm Takis claimed that it had developed a vaccine for coronavirus. Stating that it was the world’s first coronavirus vaccine candidate, the firm said it had successfully generated antibodies in the mice that can work on human cells as well.

According to Arabnews, the tests were carried out at Rome’s infectious disease Spallanzani Hospital.

Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO of the firm said the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) candidate vaccine has neutralized the virus in human cells for the first time.

“This is the first advanced stage of testing of a candidate vaccine created in Italy,” Aurisicchio told media. Human tests are expected after this summer, he added.

“As far as we know, we are the first in the world so far to have demonstrated neutralization of coronavirus by a vaccine. We expect this to happen humans too,” he said.

Aurisicchio said after a single vaccination, the mice developed antibodies that can block the virus from infecting human cells.

After observing five vaccine candidates generating a large number of antibodies, researchers selected two with the best results, he added.