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Are TS Police Scared of MIM MLA Balala? : T-Congress Niranjan

MLA's men removing the barricade in a brazen violation of lockdown restrictions
Telangana Congress spokesperson  Niranjan Gopisetty said the clarification of Police Officials on the removal of barricades by Ahmed Balala MIM MLA at Dabeerpura fly over indicates how the police department is scared and afraid of the MIM Party and its leaders in the Old City of Hyderabad.
On Friday, Malakpet MLA Ahmed Bin Abdullah Balala reportedly forced the police to remove barricades put up the authorities on the Dabeerpura flyover in Hyderabad’s Old City, for the passage of his car. The incident had put the Hyderabad police in poor light as they openly allowed the MLA, who is a trusted man of MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, to violate the Lockdown protocol.
Referring to incident and police response to the criticism, the  Congress spokesperson alleged that the police officials are trying to cover up the high handedness of the MIM legislator by taking the burden of lapse on themselves.
“The video and pictures which went viral in social media clearly show that the constable present at the barricades was talking on his cell, probably informing the higher officials. The MLA and his followers, however,  without the nod from the constable, pulled aside the barricades. If there were instructions from higher officials, why the constable was not seen extending his hand in removing barricades,” Niranjan said in a statement.
According to the T-Congress leader, the police officials’ treatment is different in other parts of the state and they won’t hesitate to penalize the people with challans and book the cases on the pretext of lockdown violations.
 They do not have any moral right to harass the common man in the name of breaking rules while letting others free under political pressures, he added.