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Floods: Hyderabad to Take Leaf Out of Chennai, Mumbai Books

Authorities of the Telangana government are planning to study the flood-prevention experience of Chennai and Mumbai cities which are frequently hit by floods.
Hyderabad which has been in the throes of heavy floods in the current spell of monsoons that started in June is said to be the victim of unbridled encroachment of nalas and tanks.
As many as 101 tanks, including 3 in Hyderabad, suffered breaches causing floods in the past two weeks. As for the state capital region, 185 tanks in Hyderabad and neighboring municipalities have overflowed following heavy rains.
According to Rajat Kumar, principal secretary, TS Water Resources, Hyderabad city was affected by rains which were unprecedented over 100 years.” Hyderabad had witnessed more than 50 percent of the entire year’s rain within a week,” Rajat told media.
Such unexpected rains, he added, resulted in the overflowing of 185 tanks in and around the state capital. Three important tanks, APPA Cheruvu, Palle Cheruvu, Gurram Cheruvu suffered breaches while damages reported at 53 tanks. Rajat Kumar disclosed that the government wants to study the experience of Chennai and Mumbai with regard to the management of floods.
” We will soon examine the measures taken by the city administrations of Chennai and Mumbai which experienced unprecedented floods in the recent past. This study will help take necessary measures to prevent similar floods in Hyderabad,”  Rajat Kumar said.