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AP to Close 13% Liquor Shops by May End

Andhra Pradesh government is scaling down the number of retail liquor outlets to be operated in the state to 33 percent. A GO has been issued to this extent. By closing down 13 percent of shops the state-owned A.P. State Beverages Corporation Limited would be operating only 2934 shops out of a total of 4380. The decision to close down 13 pc shops will be implemented before the end of May 2020.
A couple of days ago the state government chose to increase the price of liquor by whopping 75 percent over the MRP ostensibly to discourage the public from the consumption of liquor.
The excerpts from the Go
“The government (of Andhra Pradesh) in the public interest has ensured its commitment by positive leadership and awareness to not only regulate and reduce consumption of liquor but also create a positive response in the minds of the people towards the harmful use of alcohol and serious health burden.
The Government has further shown its resolve to take necessary steps to reduce health impact and take up aggressive monitoring and surveillance.  As a further step towards the reduction of consumption of liquor in a phased manner by restricting access for the public to availability of liquor, Government is committed to further reduce the number of Shops to be operated by the A.P. State Beverages Corporation Limited to bring overall reduction to 33% (from 4380 to 2934) by the end of May 2020.   This would ensure a further reduction of around 13% of the shops.    The District-wise details of Shops to be closed and the balance Shops to be operated by A.P. State Beverages Corporation Limited shall be notified separately.”