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Agree to Quarantine or No Ticket : Railways New Rule

 IRCTC has made the isolation provision at the destination station mandatory to complete the ticket booking process for all passengers.
IRCTC, from now onwards, will allow only those passengers to book tickets on its portal who agree to follow the quarantine protocol of the destination state.
If you don’t agree, the ticket booking process will not be completed.
The decision comes in the wake of some passengers on board a special train to Bengaluru refused to be quarantined.
All passengers have to click the ” I agree” option which says ” I have read the health advisory issued by my destination state. I accept and shall abide by the same, to move forward and book tickets.
The refusal of 50 passengers who arrived in Bengaluru from Delhi on May 14 to be quarantined at an institutional facility and created a ruckus at the station force IRCTC to take a commitment from all passengers.