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3D Usher to Benefit from Changing ODM Landscape

Image credit: 3D Usher

According to experts, by 2025, 85% of all OEMs will use On-Demand Manufacturing(ODM) Services.

The trends of this growth have already started showing up in the form of the largest transactions that have taken place in the manufacturing industry.

Protolabs, a digital manufacturing giant, has entered into an agreement to acquire 3D Hubs, yet another leading online manufacturing platform that has a global network of about 240 manufacturing partners, resulting in what the manufacturing provider believes will be “the world’s most comprehensive digital manufacturing offer for custom parts.”

Joining hands with the right kinds of partners will help reap several internal benefits such as increased design complexity, tighter tolerances, additional finishing options, and external conveniences such as varied materials, and a wider range of pricing and lead-time options.

In India as well, this space has been growing rapidly and the front runner here happens to be 3D Usher. In what may be seen as an encouraging development for the industry, 3D Usher is poised to
grow manifold as the online On-Demand Manufacturing landscape sees unprecedented growth.

With over 1500 global customers, upwards of 15 manufacturing techniques, and nearly 50 varied materials on offer, 3D Usher is truly looking at manufacturing across the globe through strategic
partnerships and tactical alliances.

3D Usher,  an Indo-US company with manufacturing in India,deals in multiple manufacturing processes including CNC Machining, Injection Molding, Vacuum Casting, and 3D Printing.

About 3D Usher:
3D Usher is an online network of low volume manufacturers, designers and post-processing units that makes on-demand manufacturing accessible. The user can just go online, and submit a few responses to get their parts manufactured without having to own skills and infrastructure.

3D Usher works with a large number of manufacturing partners who have the under-utilized manufacturing capability to increase their revenue and providing market access to new geographies and customers.

3D Usher also allows freelance designers and design firms to work on multiple projects by signing up on 3D Usher's network. 3D Usher works with a host of technologies like 3D Printing, CNC Machining, FRP Molding, Silicone Molding, Laser Cutting, etc. and targets market segments like automotive, medical, aerospace, education, research etc.


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