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T-Cong Wants KTR as Health Minister at This Critical Time


(Gopisetty Niranjan)

The State Government should suspend all developmental activities for the time being and concentrate upon containing Caronavirus to save the lives of the people.

Development activities can be postponed and taken up after normalcy is restored, but we cannot bring back the lives of the people.

It is not possible for only Medical, Municipal, and Police departments to curb this menace and all other departments also put their resources and manpower to have coordinated efforts to face this Challenge. Though the programs like Haritha Haram are important, this should not divert the time and resources of the government away from COVID prevention. It is high time that the government pooled all its resources to launch a unified attack on coronavirus. People seem to have lost confidence on the Gandhi Hospital despite the best efforts by Health minister Etela Rajender.

The advice of the leaders to “learn Sahajeevanam with Carona” should not mean and result in the loss of precious lives.

It seems the medical, municipal, and police personnel, because of their continued work since March, are tired and lost their interest nowadays in containing this pandemic.

The statements of  K.T. Rama Rao and other ministers also shows their priorities on the developmental programs of the government than saving the lives of the people. It also seems that the state government is taking this grim situation lightly by leaving the lives of the citizens to their fate. I urge the government to focus on the following suggestions.

G.Niranjan, Spokes Person & Convenor, TPCC Covid-19 Task Force

1. The state government should give priority to save the lives of the people than developmental programs.

2. The government should realize that people will prefer and desire to protect their lives irrespective of losing their livelihoods.

3. The ministers should suspend their tours on developmental projects and concentrate upon providing the best health care
to people.

4. Every Minister should be directed to camp in each Government and Private hospital to monitor the situation and to provide better
treatment and to create confidence among the Doctors and public.
5. Despite the Statements of Health Minister, the general public is not willing to go to Gandhi and other Government hospitals. The
presence of Ministers may change the situation.

6. The TIMS hospital should start functioning immediately.

7. There is a shortage of doctors and other staff in all most all Government and Private Hospitals. Doctors, Nurses, and Paramedical staff should be recruited on a permanent
basis. No one likes to join on a temporary basis at this critical period.

8.  Health Minister Etela Rajender is trying to do his best, but he is also tired.

9. The Chief Minister KCR should entrust this portfolio to his son KTR to ensure the implementation of the decisions quickly, as all the officials are in a mood of taking the word of KTR as the word of KCR.