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Telangana People Fear COVID Treatment Cost Than Coronavirus: Prof Simhadri

Prof S Simhadri, President, Samajwadi Party, TS
(Prof S Simhadri)
Today people in Telangana fear more about lack of beds, hospitals, and COVID services than corona itself. If corona affects any of the family members, what to do is the question haunting everyone.
People are scared of going to star hospitals where charges are unaffordable and very high. The poor and middle class can’t even think of it. Govt doesn’t regulate charges nor extend support to its people.
All the public health facilities are in bad shape because of negligence they faced over the years. It appears govt stands by private hospitals more than its people
Chief Minister is not responding to the cries of patients and their families. In fact, he is not seen attending the problem. His own minister expressed helplessness and left people to fend themselves.

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On the contrary, the Telangana government is a very active demolishing secretariat building having 10 lakh sq feet of vacant space and preparing designs for palatial structures of the medieval period costing 500 cr.
Many Doctors are publicly stating that if the same amount is spent on public hospitals Telangana can be saved from the human disaster. There has been public resentment against demolition but the government has chosen to turn deaf ear to the issue.

What to do? Where to go? How to face a human and economic disaster are questions tormenting the people of the state.
This is not the Telangana the people fought for and sacrificed their lives.
(Prof S. Simhadri, State President, Samajwadi Party, Telangana State)