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Party Workers Interfering in distribution of Benefits : EAS Sarma

(Dr EAS Sarma)
I have been receiving complaints from the public that the local workers of the ruling political party have been interfering with the work of the Gram Volunteers and others in the matter of distribution of cash/ rations etc. to the beneficiaries.
They seem to be insisting on the volunteers associating them and them alone, in the distribution of such benefits.
What the volunteers are apparently conveying to the beneficiaries is that it is the representatives of the ruling political party that are getting them the rations and the cash benefits. It is highly objectionable that one political party should dominate the scene when the funds for the benefits are provided from the public exchequer.
If it is the intention of the govt that distribution of these benefits should be done transparently in the presence of the public, the concerned officials should be clearly instructed to give an opportunity to all political parties and the public at large to be present when the delivery of the benefits takes place.
In a way, the present govt seems to be doing exactly what its predecessor government did in the guise of the Janmabhoomi groups. This can lead to corruption and favoritism which the present Chief Minister seems to be opposing publicly. I suggest that you (Principal Secretary, PR) brief the CM’s advisors to bring it to his notice. I am marking copies of this mail to the CMO.
To illustrate this, I have enclosed here some pictures from Gantavanipalem Gram Panchayat in Munagapaka Mandal in Visakhapatnam district that shows the presence of the representatives of one political party when rations and cash were given out. You can get this investigated to ascertain the facts.
While I compliment the government for the prompt response to the COVID crisis and implementing an otherwise excellent door-delivery system, its credibility will get eroded if it is politicized.
(Contents of the letter Dr Sarma wrote to Gopal Krishna Dwivedi, Principal Secretary, Panchayatraj Dept, Govt of AP)

(Dr EAS Sarma former secretary, Government of India)