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NEP-2020 is Destructive, Rollback: CPI Narayana

CPI National secretary Dr.K.Narayana strongly condemned the New Education policy (NEP-2020) approved by the union cabinet and termed it as a unilateral decision.
“Modi Government has taken this destructive decision to implement RSS agenda. The present government is weakening the secular, democratic foundations laid by the Constitution through saffronisation and commercialization of education,” he said in a statement.
With the new system, Narayana said, the government is intending to wipe out the ideals of secularism, socialism, social justice.
He said it was unfortunate that the union government had not taken the report on the alternative education system, submitted by teachers and professors, which took three months to prepare, into the cognizance.
Criticizing that the central government had taken a decision on  a subject of the concurrent list Narayana said it goes against the spirit of constitution and federalism.
“According to articles 21a, 45 and 41, the Constitution has given the people the right to access to standard education equally. Scientific, democratic, independent thinking comprising the essence of higher education is under attack. The new education system will pose a big threat to the nation and future generations,” the CPI veteran added.
Narayana called upon students, academicians, intellectuals, public to reject the new education policy and fight unitedly for its rollback.