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Dr Mallu Revives ‘Rahul as Party President’ Campaign in Telangana


Telangana Congress circles are thoroughly impressed by the leadership Rahul Gandhi has been able to provide in the past couple of months when the nation has passed through crises of corona pandemic and China’s aggression.

The party leaders here in Telangana are finding maturity in the surgical strikes Rahul launched on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his policy decisions.

Party’s rout in the 2019 general election had disappointed the rank and file and the campaign ‘Rahul as party president’ had to be relegated to the back burner.

As the matter of appointing someone who is not from Gandhi-Nehru family as president is unthinkable, everybody in the party has been waiting with bated breath for the right moment to revive the campaign and urge Rahul to come back and lead the party.

Now Rahul’s aggressive and impressive strikes on PM have convinced the Congress workers that Rahul is rejuvenated and time is ripe for him to take reins of the party.

Dr Mallu Ravi, former MP and vice president,TPCC

The Telangana Congress is all set to exert pressure on Rahul to lead the party and bring the past glory back. TPCC leadership thinks that Rahul’s leadership is now needed more than ever as Modi’s BJP government led the nation into a terrible public health crisis. Another aspect the party thinks as Modi’s failure is handling of the aggression of China in Galwan Valley. Before Corona outbreak, it was Modi’s failure on the economic front that provided Rahul with an opportunity to demonstrate his new avatar, the party leaders argued.

The Telangana leadership is thoroughly convinced that it is time Rahul led the party.  TPCC vice president and former MP Dr Mallu Ravi today dashed off a letter to the party president Sonia Gandhi reviving the campaign after a gap of one year. He urged Sonia Gandhi, interim president, to appoint Rahul as the regular party president.

Dr Ravi said Rahul had inspired the party cadre by his vocal and vehement fight against the BJP government led by Prime Minister Modi on behalf of the people of the country during the corona pandemic. This, he said had demonstrated once again Rahul’s ability to rise to the occasion and lead the party.

“His intent and actions on the ground level have enlightened the people about the miserable failures of the Modi government. Also, the manner in which he’s uniting the nation against an outside aggressor by China while advising and suggesting corrective measures to  Modi’s government to handle the situation is commendable,” Dr Ravi said in the letter.

Stating that Rahul Gandhi has time and again shown that he is a strong leader with core values for the inclusive growth of our great nation unlike the divisive politics of the BJP government, Dr. Ravi said he is confident that his colleagues in  AICC would also agree with his opinion and help the party elect Rahul as the president.

He urged the party to “consider Rahul Gandhiji for the position of AICC President so that he could lead us to victory in the 2024 parliamentary elections,” Dr Ravi said in the letter.