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Narayana Demands Immediate Recruitment of Docs to Meet Corona Demand

(K Narayana)
It is disturbing to note that patients are fearful and flying away from Government Hospitals due to poor infrastructural and treatment facilities in Government hospitals.
The Adilabad incident is a glaring example for this and shows the bankrupt attitude of the Telangana Government in extending the minimum required facilities to Government Hospitals.
The failure of the government in strengthening the hospitals had resulted in everal incidents of attacks on doctors.
This is a most unfortunate situation and shows the lack of commitment on the part of the Telangana Government to provide needed infrastructure and recruitment of doctors which is a precondition to fight medical emergencies like the corona pandemic.
The shortage of medical professionals at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences(RIMS), Adilabad has directly impacted the patient’s care. The lack of confidence in the healthcare system at RIMS was directly responsible for the escape of six COVID patients, four waiting for their test results, from isolation wards.
While the State government has given administrative sanction to recruit doctors, the disgruntled faculty at RIMS are ‘impeding’ the recruitment process.
The corporate hospitals are taking advantage of the miserable situation in Government hospitals and exploiting the patients with lakhs of bills for undeserving services.
Though COVID cases are rising day by day, the facilities and number of doctors are not suitably provided at Government hospitals.
Moreover, some health service posts are intentionally being kept vacant due to the reasons best known to the authorities and politicians.
In view of the above, I demand the Telangana State Government address the situation on a war footing and immediately provide the necessary infrastructure to Government hospitals. The recruitment and filling of the vacant doctor’s positions is equally important.


(K Narayana, National Secretary, CPI)