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CM Jagan to Release YSR Biography Penned by Vijayamma

Amaravati, July 7: Naalo…Naatho… YSR (Within me…With me, YSR తెలుగు: నాలో…నాతో … వైఎస్ ఆర్ ), is a flow of thoughts bound in the form of a book written by Smt YS Vijayalakshmi, wife of YSR. This memoir has laced the narrative with the eloquence of emotions punctuated with the ebbs and flow of the life and times of the legendary leader Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy and the turn of events in the aftermath of September 2, 2009.
Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is releasing the book on July 8 to mark the 71st birth anniversary Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy and what else can be the best tribute other than his wife writing a book and his son releasing it.
Perhaps this must be the rarest of the rare occasions, where the book written by the wife of a former Chief Minister is released by their son, in his capacity as the Chief Minister!
In the preface, Smt. YS Vijayalakshmi writes that she understands what the world knows about the leader, but in this book, ‘I have written about some facts about the Great Leader which the outside world doesn’t know.’
The book gives an authentic account of how YSR had aptly handled the various responsibilities… as a son, as a father, brother, husband, son-in-law, father-in-law, friend, leader… and how he used to mingle with them with ease and understanding.
The great prudence he had shown before taking every step, the lessons he had learned from the experiences were analyzed in the book. After winning the hearts of the family, he spread his grace to win the mandate of the people. The way he used to understand and solve the problems of the family members as head of the family was no different when it comes to understanding and solving the problems of the people.
For him, the State was an extended family. He stood for progress and happiness at home and in the State as well. It is only because of the benefits people had reaped from the welfare schemes that made them remember and adore him even today.
The book is sprinkled with anecdotes from the Legendary Leader’s life from marriage at a young age, the circumstances then, how he earned the name as a poor man’s doctor, entry into politics, his leadership qualities from student days, compassion towards poor, ebbs and flow in political life, education of children, their marriages, worship of God, winning peoples’ heart, the span from being the PCC President to Chief Minister and the pulls and pressures thereon, Praja Prasthanam, his affection towards Sri YS Jagan, Smt. YS Sharmila and Smt. YS Bharathi, the deluge of complex situations that arose after the demise of the Great Leader, and the incidents that took place till Sri YS Jagan took oath as Chief Minister…were narrated and detailed in the book.
The book is an account of YSR’s life and his political journey and how he is still alive in the form of the welfare schemes he has introduced and it will be useful and will inspire the future generations, she wrote in the preface
His life is like an open book and is dedicated to Telugu people.
Every step in his Praja Prastham was for the people.
The book is published by EMESCO.

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