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B’lore, Chennai, Indore, Jaipur : Corona Control Role Models for Rest of India

Coronavirus (pic credits cdc.gov)
Four cities – Jaipur (Rajasthan), Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and Bengaluru (Karnataka) emerged victorious in controlling the death toll due to COVID-19.
While the rest of India is striving hard to control the spread of the virus, these cities have become possible role models for other urban centers. The four cities have adopted effective practices in handling a high number of positive cases and succeeded in keeping mortality rates low.
This achievement had come to light when the center had organized meetings between different urban bodies to mutually share their experiences in the combat of COVID-19.
It was identified that Jaipur and Indore metropolitan areas could tackle the high caseload through innovative ways, while Chennai and Bengaluru emerged as examples that kept their mortality rates low despite being under enormous caseload.
Many Indian municipalities have been facing challenges such as shorter case-doubling time, higher confirmation rate, higher mortality rate, higher positivity rate, etc than the national average.
Though both Jaipur and Indore have conducted an aggressive door-to-door survey in contact tracing, Indore has formed special patrolling teams even for by-lanes, while Jaipur concentrated on containing the super-spreaders by limiting grocers and vegetable vendors.
According to Hindustan Times, the southern cities of Chennai and Bengaluru, which account for a sizeable number of COVID cases, have managed to keep the mortality rate under control by patient management.
The mortality rate of these cities is about just 1 % which is much lower than India’s national average of around 3 %.
Both Chennai and Bengaluru achieved it by optimizing the use of ventilators and patient triage while handling a large number of patients.