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Compare Italy’s Prime Minister with Indian politicians (Video)


Prime Minister designate of Italy Guiseppe Conte arrives at Quirinal Palace in a taxi a couple of day ago. Upon his arrival no one rushes to his car and opens the door to receive him. He pays the fare to the taxi driver and gets off unaided. He closes the door himself. After this, as a commoner, walks into the presidential place to meet the president to present his credentials. Heavens did not fall. Can this ever happen in India?

Indian politicians irrespective of the party love to spend public money on the protocol. In the name of  threat to their life, Indian  politicians in power travel in huge convoys which always create public nuisance. They show utter disregard to the nuisance they create on the roads and the inconvenience they cause to the taxpayers, who are, in fact, bearing the burden of their extravagant life style. Here is how Telugu chief minsters travel in huge convoys at the cost of the public money. Even though they are elected only for a five-year term, they splurge money on high-end bullet proof cars, palatial residences, special flights and festivals. Chief ministers think it is below their dignity to travel in same  the bullet proof cars used by his predecessor, even though are new and fit. Another important area where Indian politicians waste money on the vastu corrections of their camp offices.

Convoy of AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu in Vijayawada


Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao’s Convoy in Hyderabad




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